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At a recent meeting of Committee members, planning was undertaken for the resumption of play, beginning today (Tuesday night). The usual playing fees for Social play and Junior coaching will apply. Payment by card is preferred. If using cash, the correct amount will be greatly appreciated.

A 'Player Preferences' form has been emailed to all members, and this is to be completed and emailed to the club or delivered to the Centre. This form gives a list of sessions planned for the rest of this week up to next Monday. As the number of people allowed in the Centre at any time until July 10 is limited to 20, the number of players shown allows for coaches &/or session organisers &/or unexpected arrivals, etc. All players need to contact the Centre, preferably by email, indicating the session/s they wish to attend. Bookings will be taken on a first in system. If a session is fully booked, later bookings will be advised and placed on standby.
For this week, only some sessions will be conducted. Depending on interest, further sessions will be added after next Monday. The booking list for next week will be distributed on the weekend. These sessions are scheduled to continue until the end of June, but may be amended at any time.
Please note that there are quite a few different conditions and procedures which are being used for the time being. These include:

  • Everyone who enters the Centre will need to be signed in on an Attendance Register, so please go straight to the canteen counter. Please remember to use the sanitiser or wash your hands. You should continue to wash your hands regularly while at the Centre.
  • On your first visit to play, you will be given a ball with your name on it. Please use this ball when playing and retain it for future visits. Extra balls for Social and practice will cost $1.00 each.

Playing: (Please note that these procedures have been provided by ITTF and TTA)
  • ONLY SINGLES are to be played so that 1.5 metre separation rule can apply. This includes during warm-ups, coaching sessions, etc. During matches, each player will stay at their own end for the entire match, i.e. do not change ends after each game. Each player will use their own ball to serve – if necessary, return your opponent’s ball by rolling/hitting it back without picking it up. At the end of the match or practice period, each player is to use a disinfectant wipe to wipe their half of the table then dispose of that wipe.
  • Players’ towels are to be hung on the rail under the table, NOT on the barriers. The rail should also be wiped before leaving the court.
  • Players must NOT WIPE their hands on the table.
  • Umpire chairs and score indicators have been removed. Players will score their own matches.
  • During any competition where scores are to be recorded, this should be done by only ONE PLAYER in the group/team match.

Other procedures: (These are provided by Health authorities as well as AIS, TTA, TTQ)  
  • Avoid shaking hands or other close contact.
  • Provide your own water/water bottle. Water coolers have been turned off. Water is available for purchase.
  • Toilet seats should be wiped before and after use, and the wipes disposed of in a bin. Please DO NOT FLUSH them down the toilet.
  • Hot food will NOT be available at the canteen until further notice.
  • It is recommended that players install the COVIDsafe app on their phone.
  • Players are asked to leave as soon as possible at the end of their session (“Get In, Get Out”).
  • Depending on the number of players present at a session, parents/carers may or may not be able to stay and watch. This also applies to dropping players off and/or picking them up.

More information about recommended procedures can be found on the TTQ and TTA websites. However, any questions or comments are welcome. It is hoped that the above procedures can be withdrawn and all club activities return to normal in the not-too-distant future.

1 Targo Street,
Phone 4154 3320

245 Bourbong St,
Phone 4153 6618

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Peter Marris
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Dave Delpratt

All members are welcome to attend and speak at our monthly Committee meetings.
Meetings are normally held on the 2nd Monday of the month, starting 7.30 p.m.
As activities are planned, they will be announced here.
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